If you teach 2nd-4th year band, the following band arrangements might be useful for your band!

Typical instrumentation is as follows:

Clarinet (1 & 2, depending)
Alto Sax (1 & 2, depending)
Tenor Sax
Trumpet (1 & 2, depending)
French Horn
Trombone/Baritone/Electric Bass
Percussion (1, 2, & possibly 3, including drum set or latin percussion instruments, depending)

Orchestra Bell parts are usually not included - students should use the Flute part to play Bells.

Good luck and have fun! If you have time, please
Email me and let me know how these arrangements work for your band. Also, check the website periodically for new instructional materials, as I am always writing new stuff to help improve the experience of my students in band.

Here are some samples that don't require encryption codes to view:

• Metamorphic
2nd-year rock tune featuring 8th-rest rhythms and percussion on drum set

Metamorphic Score p1and2

• American Patrol
3rd & 4th year arrangement of the public-domain concert band standard.
In 4/4 time, features 16th rhythms & melody tossed around the ensemble.

American Patrol Score p7 8 and 9

The purchaser of these PDF documents is granted the right to photocopy the music for the purpose of instruction and performance by the beginning concert band at his/her school. Sale or other distribution of this PDF document (and its encryption code) or printed copies of the music is strictly forbidden and protected under copyright law.

(Yes, you read it right; once you buy it, you can legally print HOWEVER MANY COPIES YOU NEED FOR YOUR BAND! Just don't sell or distribute the arrangement or the encryption code. Please understand that this is a WAY BETTER DEAL than buying a stock arrangement for $40 - $50 and receiving only a certain number of parts with the arrangement.)

The PDF files below are password encrypted. They can be downloaded by anyone 24/7 right here. If you want to actually view, print, and use them for your band, you may purchase them below by clicking the “BUY NOW” button below each arrangement. You will be taken to where you can pay for the arrangement by credit card or through your PayPal account. I will follow up within 48 hours with the appropriate password for the requested arrangement(s).

You and/or your school
DO NOT need a PayPal account to purchase these -- most schools have a credit card that they can use to purchase this for you, just talk to your administrator or financial coordinator about how this needs to be handled. OR, if it's easier for you, you can print and fill out an Order Form HERE.


File Links coming SOON!!

A Latin Conversation - $10

Boom-Chick March - $10

Fresh Off The Boat - $10

Metamorphic - $20

Jingle Bell Band - $20

Salsa Sabrosa - $20

Sleigh Ride Song - $20


American Patrol - $25

What You Say - $25

I hope you enjoy these tunes!