If you teach 2nd-4th year band, the following band arrangements might be useful for your band! These songs correlate with the Essential Studies method books.

Typical instrumentation is as follows:

Clarinet (1 & 2, depending)
Alto Sax (1 & 2, depending)
Tenor Sax
Trumpet (1 & 2, depending)
French Horn
Trombone/Baritone/Electric Bass
Percussion (1, 2, & possibly 3, including drum set or latin percussion instruments, depending)

Orchestra Bell parts are usually not included - students should use the Flute part to play Bells/Xylophone/Marimba (whatever fits best).

Good luck and have fun! If you have time, please
Email me and let me know how these arrangements work for your band. Also, check the website periodically for new instructional materials, as I am always writing new stuff to help improve the experience of my students in band.

Here are some samples that don't require encryption codes to view:

• Metamorphic
2nd-year rock tune featuring 8th-rest rhythms and percussion on drum set

Metamorphic Score p1and2

• American Patrol
3rd & 4th year arrangement of the public-domain concert band standard.
In 2/4 time, features 16th rhythms & melody tossed around the ensemble.

American Patrol Score p7 8 and 9

The purchaser of these PDF documents is granted the right to photocopy the music for the purpose of instruction and performance by the beginning concert band at his/her school. Sale or other distribution of this PDF document (and its encryption code) or printed copies of the music is strictly forbidden and protected under copyright law.

(That's right; once you buy it, you can legally print HOWEVER MANY COPIES YOU NEED for YOUR BAND! Just don't sell or distribute the arrangement or the encryption code. This is a WAY BETTER DEAL than buying a stock arrangement for $40 - $50 and receiving only a certain number of parts with the arrangement.)

The PDF files below are password encrypted. If you want to view, print, and use them for your band, you may purchase them below by clicking the “
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These songs correlate with the Essential Studies for Beginning Band method book.

Boom-Chick March - $20
The main focus of this composition/arrangement is rhythm figures that incorporate 8th rests. It begins with a 4 measure intro that chromatic in nature and then exposes the main melody in Concert Bb. It then goes to a trio section (adding a flat) which uses slightly more complex 8th rest patterns. A more lyrical section ensues, and then uses a D.S. to take it back to the original key; afterwhich the melody is sent off to the Coda, finishing the tune.

Boom Chick March

Fresh Off The Boat - $15
• Coming Soon

Latin Conversation - $15
The focus of this composition/arrangement is rhythm figures that incorporate 8th rests within the context of a latin-style tune. It also addresses articulation in the latin style, in which the last note of an 8th note phrase is clipped short when it occurs before a rest. The percussion parts are written to establish a groove that would be typical of a traditional latin band. The clave part is 2-3 son clave and the conga part features the traditional tumbao pattern. All percussion parts periodically play a unison ensemble figure (measure 7, for example), and there are a few percussion “breaks” (see measure 8, conga part).

Latin Conversation

Metamorphic - $20
The focus of this composition/arrangement is rhythm figures that incorporate 8th rests. It pushes typical range restrictions for this level a bit (especially for trumpet, alto sax and flute), but I think it’s catchy enough that most students will want to practice it to make it sound as cool as possible. It also introduces the concept of rock-style articulation, in which the last note of an 8th note phrase is clipped short when it occurs before a rest. The drum set part addresses the same rhythmic study that the horn parts address. If you don’t have a drum set at your school, you can just break up the parts and assign seperate instruments to students. If you do have a drum set at your school, this is a great vehicle for developing a vocabulary of fills, grooves, and part-reading that incorporate the entire set in a rock style. Rock out!

Check out the Movie Score for
Metamorphic on YouTube
(performed live by 6th grade band, with 8 kids on drum set!)



Jingle Bell Band - $15
This arrangement features the songs “Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Jingle Bells”. I wrote this arrangement to give my students some classic Christmas songs to play and to give them the chance to play a lot of 8th notes. It features some fun percussion parts, including Temple Blocks, Sleigh Bells and Whip. It also makes conspicuous use of the rim of the snare drum alternating with strokes on the head of the drum, as a primer for play “boom-chick” off-beats later on.

Jingle Bell Band

My students often ask me for the complete melodies of these songs. So, as a bonus for your purchase of this arrangement, you can download the complete melody parts, written out for each instrument. It can be found as a separate encrypted file entitled “JBB Melodies” below. Use the passcode on the cover sheet of the Jingle Bell Band PDF to open, download and print.

JBB Melodies

Salsa Sabrosa - $15
• Coming Soon

Sleigh Ride Song - $20
I composed and arranged this song to give my band the chance to play A LOT of 8th notes. It starts out with a “bell tones” introduction and then dives into the melody which is mostly 8th notes. Two common articulation groupings are presented here - 4 tongued, and 2-slur/2-tongued. A contrasting, more lyrical section ensues and then the song modulates from Concert Bb to Concert Eb, wherein the original melody is restated in the Concert Eb. A “bell-tones” ending wraps up the piece with a final punctuation from the whip!

Demo recording:
Sleigh Ride Song

Perusal Score:
Sleigh Ride Song Perusal

Sleigh Ride Song NEW

These songs correlate with the Essential Studies for Intermediate Band method book.

American Patrol - $25
This is an arrangement of the famous band composition by F. W. Meacham. It has been adapted to serve as a training piece for bands that are learning 16th note patterns. The original triplet-16ths have been omitted, as I believe they are beyond the scope of instruction for a band that is just beginning to incorporate 16th-note patterns into their skill set. The key has been changed to make it more accessible to young musicians; after a short introduction by percussion, the woodwinds expose the initial melody in the key of Concert Bb instead of the original key of Eb. Some would say it’s overkill, but I have chosen to include ALL of the instruments in the band on AS MANY 16th-note patterns AS POSSIBLE to allow for maximum “touch-time” with these rhythm patterns for instructional purposes. The interlude section remains basically intact, but then the key modulates to Concert Eb, and the brass take over the melody, leaving to woodwinds to provide accompaniment parts. The “Red, White, and Blue” and the “Dixie” themes from the original composition are omitted entirely, but the arrangement does retain the original and final Yankee Doodle theme as an exciting Vivo closing that is played Tutti in unison.

Check out the Movie Score for American Patrol on Youtube!

American Patrol Arrangement

Minor Blues March - $20
This is an original composition that serves as a training piece for young bands. In particular, this piece focuses on 16th-note patterns. The patterns used in the main melodic material are; 4/16th notes and 8th-2/16ths. The 2/16ths-8th pattern is also included, but only in the percussion part. This “Sinister March” begins in 4/4 time in Concert Eb/C minor, and follows the traditional 12-bar Minor Blues form and harmony.

Check out the Movie Score for Minor Blues March on Youtube!

Minor Blues March

Westwood - $25
This is an original composition written in an overture style as a training piece for 16th note patterns. The patterns in this piece include: 4/16th notes; 8th-2/16ths; 2/16ths-8th; and dotted 8th-16th. It begins as a stately march in 2/4 time in Eb Concert and then transitions to a slightly slower, more lyrical middle section in the key of Concert F. There is a DC which takes the band back to the original key and tempo, and then it ends with a Coda.

Check out the Movie Score for
Westwood on YouTube!


What You Say - $25
This is a 16th note funk tune that has been written for the purpose of instructing/learning/experiencing/ practicing 16th note patterns. The patterns in this piece include: 4/16th notes; 8th-2/16ths; 2/16ths-8th; 16th- 8th-16th; dotted 8th-16th; 16th-dotted 8th. It also introduces the concept of funk-style articulation, in which the last note of an 16th note phrase is clipped short when it occurs before a rest. Each instrument section is featured as part of a soli towards the end of the piece.
Percussion get the chance to learn to play a 16th-note groove and an 8th note rock groove on the drum set, or the parts can be divided up between standard concert band instruments if necessary. I recommend having the bass drum part being played separate, but having the snare drum, hi-hat, and toms played as one part.

What You Say


I hope you enjoy these tunes!