Cheeseweasel Chord/Scale Curriculum for Jazz Improvisation

This book will NOT teach you how to improvise; BUT, it is a great resource for studying and practicing the most commonly occurring chords in jazz. This is basic chord/scale information for jazz improvisation. This text covers jazz chords and scales ranging from the basic Major 7th Chord/Ionian mode to the Altered Dominant 7th chord/Super-Locrian Mode. Exercises should be practiced with standard jazz articulation and memorized, as the chords and scales generally are not written out for performers to follow. Besides, how can one possibly attempt to be melodically creative and musically reactive if one is preoccupied with what the correct notes are for a particular chord?

15 chord types are detailed in all 12 keys, arpeggios and scales, printed using Finale software, and bound with a plastic comb so it stays flat on your music stand. Ranges are written for saxophone, other instruments may need to read the exercises up- or down- an octave to suit instrument range.

Available in Treble Clef and Bass Clef.

Price: $14.00 (shipping cost included)

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Cheeseweasel Chord/Scale Curriculum for Jazz Improvisation
- Treble Clef

Cheeseweasel Chord/Scale Curriculum for Jazz Improvisation
- Bass Clef