Melodic Patterns for Jazz Chords and Progressions


The more patterns you know, the quicker and easier access you will have to new music.

Just like any language, music has certain patterns that are repeated over and over. The more familiar you are with the patterns of a language, the more fluent you will be with it, and your ability to communicate through that language will be more sophisticated.

This book provides patterns that are useful for developing technical command of (many of) the chords and scales used in jazz. They can be helpful for improving instrumental technique, developing sight-reading skill, and can also be useful for understanding and developing one’s own patterns, for improvisational or compositional gain. I have attempted to “boil down” the exercises to their most essential parts. I encourage you to employ typical jazz articulation style (off-beat articulation, back-tonguing, or whatever you wish to call it) when you practice the exercises, as this will ensure that the patterns swing properly when encountered (or improvised) in an actual musical situation.

The exercises herein are generally written for the range of the saxophone; other instruments may have to extend or limit the ranges presented here as necessary for their instrument.

All the exercises and patterns in this book are presented in all 12 keys. I have tried to simplify the notation to make it easy to read through, avoiding the notation of B#’s, Cb’s, E#’s, Fb’s, double sharps and double flats. The Keys of C#, Cb, and Gb have been omitted for this same reason, as well as for conservation of space and number of pages in the book.

102 pages, plus downloadable PDFs of additional patterns and blanks for creating your own. Treble clef only.

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