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In light of the situation caused by COVID-19, I am posting practice recordings of (most of) the exercises and songs from the Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 of the Essential Studies Series on my Google Drive which should be accessible to everyone using the link above. These are recordings of myself playing each exercise or song on the flute (sorry other instruments and percussion). They are mostly played twice, once for a listen if (needed) and once for a play-through, although I suspect I messed up a few times and did some of them only once. I will attempt to record the missing pages and post them when they are ready.
Good luck, stay safe, stay healthy!

Essential Studies 1
The files below can be downloaded for free as supplemental instruction pages to the books in the Essential Studies series.
Just click on the file, type in the
product support password from the Table of Contents page in the book and print or play as you see fit for your needs.
As always, thank you for purchasing these products!

Clarinet Beginning Band Exercises, Alternate Start
Some teachers prefer to start their clarinet players on different notes than the ones presented in ES1. To accommodate those teachers, here is the same format of exercises, with the note sequence of: E, D, C, F, G.
Essential Studies 1 Clarinet Alternate Start

Multi-Measure Rest Sheet
This sheet instructs students how to count multi-measure rests.
Multi-Measure Rests

The Note "Ti"
This sheet instructs all instruments the fingering for the note "Ti", and gives a 7-Note Scale exercise.
The Note Ti

Beginning Songbook, Concert Eb
- correlates with ES1, page 26
(5 extra songs in the key of Concert Eb)
ES1 Songs in Concert Eb

Practice Songs in Concert F - correlates with ES1, page 32
Practice Songs in Concert F

Chromatic Songs - correlates with ES1, page 33
Chromatic Songs

Paradiddle Builder
Paradiddle Builder

Winter Holiday Trios
Xmas TriosV2AltoBari
Xmas TriosV2Clarinet
Xmas TriosV2FHorn
Xmas TriosV2Flute
Xmas TriosV2Percussion
Xmas TriosV2TenorSax
Xmas TriosV2Trombone
Xmas TriosV2Trumpet
Xmas TriosV2Tuba

Full Octave Songs in Concert Bb - correlates with ES1, page 39
Full Octave Songs in Concert Bb

Beginning Band Exercises, Mallets, 8vb
In case you'd like to instruct your Keyboard Percussion students in the lower octave.
B Band EX Mallet Perc 8vb

Beginning Songbook, Mallets, 8vb
In case you want your Keyboard Percussion students to play the 'Songbook in the lower octave.
Beginning Songbook Mallets 8vb

Essential Studies 2

Don't forget — type in the product support password from the Table of Contents page from Book 2 (not from Book 1, it won't work!)

Coming Soon!!

SW Themes 1
SW Themes 2
SW Themes 3
SW Themes 4
Groove No10 Dude Lets Go Eat Some Chips FINAL
Groove No9 Metamorphic Final
Rudolph Latino Reindeer 4tet Final