Jazz Band Charts

These arrangements are vehicles for practicing the tunes and concepts presented in A Workbook for Jazz Style and Improvisation and are useable for concert performances.

"Glorified Combo Charts" - Each chart features a simple Intro, Melody, Solo Section and Ending. They all feature basic jazz chords and rhythmic background figures for students to improvise background figures behind a soloist.

Minimum Instrumentation - 6 horns and rhythm section, denoted by *, are all that is needed to perform these charts. Addition of the other instruments will just make it sound a little fuller.


Alto Sax 1*
Alto Sax 2*
Tenor Sax*
Bari Sax
Trumpet 1*
Trumpet 2*
Trumpet 3
Trombone 1*
Trombone 2
Trombone 3
Drum Set*

Band directors are strongly encouraged to have their students mark articulations as presented and practiced in A Workbook for Jazz Style and Improvisation before practicing and performing these tunes to get the best result and to reinforce learning from the ‘Workbook. I also encourage band directors to have their students complete the study and composition exercises for each tune in from A Workbook for Jazz Style and Improvisation before introducing the charts in this series, as doing so will contribute greatly to student success in performance.

Good luck and have fun! If you have time, I would appreciate feedback regarding these arrangements.
Email me and let me know how these arrangements work for your band. Also, check the website periodically for new instructional materials, as I am always writing new stuff to help improve the experience of my students in band.

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Majority Rules - $FREE
(subject to copyright laws for ownership, of course) This is the first tune from WJSI, presented as a jazz band chart. Download, print and use with your band. This tune has an 8-bar form, uses only 2 Major 7th Chords. Great for introducing improvisation to your fledgling jazz students. A nice, simple introduction to the tunes included in this collection; gives you an idea about the layout and format of the tunes. When prompted, enter encryption code: group51

Majority Rules

Major Axis - $20 This is the second tune from WJSI, presented as a jazz band chart. This tune has an 8-bar form, uses only 2 Major 7th Chords. Great for introducing improvisation to your fledgling jazz students. 8-bar Intro and 8-bar Shout Chorus included in this arrangement.

Major Axis

Double Major - $25 This is the third tune from WJSI, presented as a slightly more involved jazz band chart. The form is 16-bars long, only uses 5 Major 7th Chords, has a half-time feel section for part of the head, 2 solo sections (one with written backgrounds and one with rhythmic notation for having the non-soloists improvise backgrounds, a full chorus of unison ensemble soli. Energetic chart!

Double Major

Minor Offense - $15 This is the fourth tune from WJSI, presented as a jazz band chart. It is very similar to Majority Rules in terms of layout. It is an 8-bar form, uses only 2 Minor 7th Chords. Great intro to using the Dorian Mode for improvising, and simple enough to play through the form without getting lost.

Minor Offense

Moh's Mode - $20 This tune is NOT from WJSI, but uses the same layout and tune-structure concept. This is a rock tune that features a 12-bar form that sounds like a variation of minor blues, having only 3 Minor 7th Chords. There is a short intro and a unison ensemble soli section in addition to the solo section that includes written-out backgrounds behind a soloist.

Moh's Mode

Dominant Roll - $25 This tune has a vibe like the Benny Golson tune "Killer Joe", but only uses 4 Dominant 7th Chords in its 16-bar form. Features a solo section out-front using only 2 of the Dominant 7th Chords, a short intro/interlude to get into the tune, a unison ensemble soli, a full-form solo section with rhythmic-notation backgrounds for group background improvisation, and an out-chorus. Great swinging' romp of a tune!

Dominant Roll

Blue Chunks - $25 This is a full-fledged blues that begins with a short intro, then exposes a standard 12-bar blues head that give the students a chance to work on ghost notes for style. Then it goes into a unison ensemble soli for continued style study. The solo section begins with a soloist Tradin' Twos with the rest of the band, going into a full chorus of solo, with rhythmic-notation backgrounds for group background improvisation. The tune ends in a shout chorus before going to the out-chorus and then ending.

Blue Chunks

I hope you enjoy these tunes!