Reading Exercises For Orchestra, Book 1


This book contains 299 one-line sequential unison exercises for Orchestra. By playing a few exercises at each rehearsal, the reading skills of the ensemble will improve and it will take students less time to learn new music. This book is recommended for first year students (probably toward the end of the school year) through the end of the second year of study. This book is also great for Solo Festival sightreading practice!

Each volume is $15.00.

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The Table of Contents is included here so you can get an overview of the Meter(s), Key(s) and Rhythms or Concepts included:

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Reading Exercises for Orchestra Book 1

Reading Exercises Book 1 - Violin

Reading Exercises Book 1 - Viola

Reading Exercises Book 1 - Cello/Bass


Reading Exercises For Orchestra, Book 2 —> Coming Soon!!