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Download the free pdf files on this page and use them for/with your band. Let your colleagues know about this page so they can benefit from it too.

Little Drumma Boy, arranged for 2nd year band students is an arrangement in Bb major that also employs the use of Te (concert Ab) in the melody. The percussion get to play a lot of instruments in this arrangement, going through 3 distinct styles; a traditional concert band rendition of the song, a rock version, and a mambo. When prompted, type in the password “drumma”
Little Drumma Boy

Band Music Library Organizer, is a 1 page sheet that I use to organize the band music library at my school. I decided to re-organize the library based on difficulty level instead of alphabetically. It’s much more useful that way, as I can grab most anything I need to pass out to the band for reading practice. I photocopy the sheet and place it inside the front cover of the band arrangement, go through the checklist and check off whatever criteria it fits, and then put the tune in the appropriate section of the library for whatever difficulty it is. It has check-boxes for Key, Time Signature, Rhythmic Difficulty, Melodic Difficulty, Range Difficulty, and Style. Feel free to download this, print and photocopy to reorganize your own band library, or use as a point of departure for reorganizing your own stuff.

I created this
New Music Survey Sheet to organize and categorize tunes that I would peruse online at JW Pepper and other sites. I wish the descriptions at these sites had more information about instructional content of a composition other than what level the piece is written for; it would save me tons of time listening to tunes. If I’m looking for a piece that uses lots of dotted quarter notes (because that’s what my students need to practice!), I don’t want to listen to pieces that don’t have this rhythm; it wastes my time. So I’ve started keeping track of the things I’ve listened to (or scores I’ve viewed) so when I need to order a tune that addresses a particular concept, I can refer to this and hopefully find a tune that fits my needs. Print multiple copies, 3-hole punch them, and keep track of what you’ve listened to.
New Music Survey Sheet

Public Domain Christmas Jazz Fakebook is originally from, the work of Stephen Cox and Gannon Phillips. The fakebooks were created with open-source music software called MuseScore. You can go to the website and download the original MuseScore files as well as all the PDFs created from them. I downloaded the PDFs, reformatted them to suit my needs, created a Flute book (a "C" version, just written up an octave) and have made them available as separate book files for download and printing. Merry Christmas to all!

PD Christmas Fake Book C
PD Christmas Fake Book BC
PD Christmas Fake Book Flute
PD Christmas Fake Book Bb
PD Christmas Fake Book Eb
PD Christmas Fake Book F

Here is a transcribed solo on the tune Call & Response from Keven Dorsey's album "Inner Journey"
Call&Response Transcribed Solo

The Ultimate Band Director's Stand! - crude plans for a time-saving, frustration-eliminating, organization-ameliorating workstation!
UDS p1

UDS p2nn

UDS p3
(These were bought on Amazon, as I did not think I could create holders for these instruments myself!)

Multi-Measure Rests
This sheet instructs students how to count multi-measure rests.
Multi-Measure Rests

The Note "Ti" and the 7-Note Scale
This sheet instructs all instruments the fingering for the note "Ti", and gives a 7-Note Scale exercise.
The Note Ti

Taps, written for Solo instrument and Echo Duet part.

US Military Medley EZ Version
Unison parts for the 5 branches of the US Military with percussion accompaniment. The more advanced version is included in the back of Essential Studies for Advanced Band, with the songs written in Cut Time and 6/8 as appropriate.
Military Medley EZ PARTS

COVID-19 Support for JAZZ

You can keep up on your 2-5-1 patterns using this tune, Warming Up To 5, a 32-bar tune that goes through major 2 -5-1s in every key. Stay in shape!
Use passcode:
two5one :to access and print your part!
Warming Up to 5

Use this rhythm track to back you up! (Sorry, it's just a 5-chorus, computer-generated one, my rhythm section can't make the session…)
Warming Up to 5

4 Squared, 5 Squared will help you keep up your 1-6-2-5 patterns. It's a 4-page tune that does turn-arounds in every key. Stay in shape!
Use passcode:
1625 to access and print your part!
4 Squared 5 Squared PARTS

Use this rhythm track to back you up! (4-choruses at mm=180; thank you Band-In-A-Box! _ Got No Rhythm (section)
4 Squared 5 Squared

My New "Flex" Format for Concert Band or small group or ROCK ENSEMBLE
Written as a quartet, including chord symbols and Drum Set part.
See the FLEX FORMAT page.