If you’re a music teacher you may be interested in purchasing some of the supplementary materials that I have developed during my teaching career. I have spent over 20 years developing materials that work for elementary and middle school bands. Some are available immediately, some are still “works in progress”.

Here are some of the features of the printed and upcoming material:
• High-quality printed music prepared with Finale Software for superior legibility
• Books with plastic comb binding, so they lay flat on the music stand
• PDF downloads that allow the purchaser to print however many copies are needed
• Exercises and music that have been tested with real bands in real situations

Here are the titles of currently published works that are available for purchase now:
Essential Studies for Beginning Band
Essential Studies for Intermediate Band
• 8 individual Beginning Band songs for concert performance -
Download and Print yourself!
Reading Exercises for Beginning and Intermediate Band, Book 1 & 2
A Workbook for Jazz Style & Improvisation
Cheeseweasel Chord/Scale Curriculum for Jazz Improvisation
The Cheeseweasel Drum Set Method

Here's a title preview of some upcoming publications:
• Essential Studies for Advanced Band
• Reading Exercises for Advanced Band
• Jazz Piano Voicing Studies
• Essential Studies for Orchestra
• Reading Exercises for Orchestra, Book 1 & 2
• The Beginning Songbook (big notes for little kids)
• The Beginning Songbook for Recorder and Guitar