A Workbook for Jazz Style and Improvisation

in musical terms, is often referred to as spontaneous composition. It is the opinion of this author that if one wishes to develop the ability to improvise, he should have some background in composition, thus increasing the likelihood of cohesive musical thoughts in an improvisation. This is the basis of this book.

This text provides vehicles for developing improvisation in the form of short jazz tunes. Each tune sequentially presents a challenge in terms of style study, melodic devices used in composition, and intellectual/technical command of the chords and scales required to write and improvise.

The materials for this book have been around since 2001, but I just recently compiled them into a book form. They are available to purchase below or you can download/print/complete the invoice found on the
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To give you an idea of the contents of the book, you can view or download the Table of Contents here:

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Additional supplementary materials pertaining to the book are available
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Jazz Band Charts that use the tunes presented in this book. It gives the students a chance to use the improvisation skills they've been developing with a fuller-sounding big band arrangement.

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