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This text is 53 pages chock-full of carefully sequenced exercises and information for the beginning drum set student.

Summary (from the Author’s Note):
This book is designed to address basic set-up and playing position for drum set, music reading fundamentals specific to drum set, basic coordination of 4 limbs, and note reading using whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes (and their counterpart rests). Basic studies using 16th notes are included towards the end, but this is not exhaustive by any means. All exercises use the 4/4 time signature.

No attempt has been made to address rudimental studies, as it is beyond the scope of this book. This is best addressed with a separate method book. Fills and soloing are also not addressed, as there are other texts that address these areas very well. When the student has completed page 42 of this book, he/she would do well to begin study using Alfred’s Beginning Drumset Method by Sandy Feldstein and Dave Black, beginning on page 12 of that text. The Alfred Method is a great text for developing rock style fills and comes with an excellent play-along CD for practicing.

I also recommend the Ultimate Play-Along for Drums, Level One, Volume One and Level One Volume Two by Dave Weckl. These contain well-written charts for drumset and the play-along tracks are excellent. In order for the student to achieve optimum success, these books should be studied after the student has completed this book and has done substantial study in the Alfred Book.

Here are some of the features of the book:
• High-quality printed music prepared with InDesign and Finale Software for superior legibility
• Plastic comb bound, so it lays flat on the music stand
• Exercises that have been tested with
real student drummers in real band lessons, in-school and privately

The Table of Contents is included here for your reference:

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