This is the Drum Set Downloads page.

I will periodically add files to this page which will supplement the Cheeseweasel Drum Set Method. The files will likely be additional exercises for practicing skills developed in the method, changes or corrections to the book, perhaps some audio or video examples of exercises or techniques in drum set playing, or maybe files of things I haven't yet thought up.

All music examples, corrections or updates will be password encrypted. Anyone can download them to their computer, but you will need to use the code on page 2 of the book to open these files. Just type in the password when prompted upon opening the file. Password is case-sensitive.

Here is
an additional page of ensemble figures to practice using 8th rests.
Use after the student has completed page 41.

Drum Set Kicks p1

Basic Latin Grooves for Drum Set

Again, to be used after completion of page 41.

Latin Grooves