Downloads for A Workbook for Jazz Style and Improvisation

These will download as password-protected PDF files. Click the file, type in the product support password from the inside front cover of your book, download, open the file, and retype the password to print. Enjoy!

WJSI Sample Solos - These files provide unison sample solos for the tunes in the WJSI. Students can use these to practice style, analyze them for rhythmic and melodic content, use them to inspiration for compositional ideas, and use them as points-of-departure for their own improvisations.

WJSI SampleSolosAltoBari
WJSI SampleSolosFlute
WJSI SampleSolosPiano
WJSI SampleSolosTenorSax
WJSI SampleSolosTromboneBass
WJSI SampleSolosTrumpet