Custom Work and Products at SamCo

Jim does all sorts of custom repair and alterations to band instruments to suit the needs of musicians. The most popular custom work is listed here, but feel free to call or email us for your specific specialized needs -- he's always up for a challenge to design, custom fit, and produce something to suit your situation.

Dolgeville shop4

Brass Valve Alignment
Over time, the felts and springs of a trumpet valve become compressed and as a result, the valves become misaligned with the connected tubes, creating a situation where technique sounds sloppy and the notes don't "pop" as they should. In the valve alignment process, all the felts and springs are replaced and checked to see that the valves align properly so your technique is as clean as possible.

Brass - 1st valve Flare
On trumpets, the area where the 1st valve connects to the bell tends to be a smaller bore size than it really should be, creating more resistance than necessary. In this process, the valve connection is flared it out slightly to open up the sound and create less resistance.

Rosendale Shop8

In certain situations, Jim
may be able to offer refurbished instruments (top quality, band-director-approved) at excellent prices.